GekkoFS 0.6.2 is now available, with enhancements to the filesystem configuration options, more detailed log output, and several bugfixes.


  • Paths inside kernel pseudo-filesystems (/sys, /proc) are forwarded directly to the kernel, thus skipping internal path resolution. Be aware that this might include relative paths leading into GekkoFS such as /sys/../tmp/gkfs_mountpoint/, which will be forwarded to the kernel and, thus, not captured by GekkoFS.
  • Added a new CMake flag called CREATE_CHECK_PARENTS that controls if the existence of parent directories needs to be checked during the creation of a file/subdirectory. This is a POSIX requirement that limits metadata performance which might not be required for an application that:
    1. Uses no directories.
    2. Is fundamentally certain that parent directories always exist before creating a file or a subdirectory.


  • Daemon logs for RPC handlers have been polished.
  • Updated Margo, Mercury and Libfabric dependencies.


  • Fixed a bug in the mk_node RPC that prevented the correct propagation of daemon errors.
  • The README has been expanded and has also received some minor fixes.
  • Fixed logging for in mk_symlink function.