Do you have questions that aren’t answered by the documentation? Did you encounter a bug that has not been reported? You wish to contribute to the project with code or feature suggestions but don’t know how? Please read on.

Mailing lists

If you need help or can’t find what you need in the documentation, try consulting the mailing lists.

Developer’s list

The gekkofs-dev mailing list is available for users to send questions, to discuss GekkoFS issues among each other and for people that want to be included in technical discussions regarding the design and implementation of GekkoFS. This mailing list is a very friendly place and we welcome newcomers. It is relatively low volume.

Issue tracking

If you are working with GekkoFS and run into a bug, we definitely want to know about it. In order for the problem to be fixed as soon as possible, the bug description should contain the following information:

  • The version of gekkofs you are using.
  • The version number of any gekkofs dependencies you are using.
  • All information necessary to reproduce the bug. For instance, including the version number for the kernel, the gekkofs infrastructure and its build dependencies, as well as which client application encountered the problem (+ a core dump in case of crash) goes a long way towards solving the problem. Including the gekkofs daemon and client log files makes us even happier.
  • A reduced test case that triggers the bug.

Once you have a reduced test case, go to the SSEC GitLab and fill out the form with the necessary details. Current and past issues can be found on the GekkoFS Bug Tracking System.


There are multiple ways to contribute and we appreciate any and all contributions:

  • Code patches.
  • Requests for new features.
  • Feedback on using GekkoFS.
  • Suggestions for improvements.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to GekkoFS!