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## [Unreleased]
## [0.7.0] - 2020-02-05
## Added
- Adedd support for `eventfd()`and `eventfd2()` system calls.
## Changed
- Replaced Margo with Mercury in the client library in order to increase
application compatibility: the Argobots ULTs used by Margo to send and
process RPCs clashed at times with applications using pthreads.
- Renamed environment variables to better distinguish which variables affect
the client library (`LIBGKFS_*`) and which affect the daemon
- Replaced spdlog in the client with a bespoke logging infrastructure:
spdlog's internal threads and exception management often had issues with the
system call interception infrastructure. The current logging infrastructure
is designed around the syscall interception mechanism, and is therefore more
- Due to the new logging infrastructure, there have been significant changes
to the environment variables controlling logging output. The desired log
module is now set with `LIBGKFS_LOG`, while the desired output channel is
controlled with `LIBGKFS_LOG_OUTPUT`. Additional options such as
can be used to further control messages. Run the client with
`LIBGKFS_LOG=help` for more details.
- Improved dependency management in CMake.
## Fixed
- Relocate internal file descriptors to a private range to avoid interfering
with client application file descriptors.
- Handle internal file descriptors created by `fcntl()`.
- Handle internal file descriptors passed to processes using `CMSG_DATA` in
## [0.6.2] - 2019-10-07
## Added
- Paths inside kernel pseudo filesystems (`/sys`, `/proc`) are forwarded directly to the kernel and internal path resolution will be skipped. Be aware that also paths like `/sys/../tmp/gkfs_mountpoint/asd` will be forwarded to the kernel
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