This release includes new features, support for a new metadata backend (Parallax) as an alternative to RocksDB, bug fixes and general updates to the code base. Further, users can collect file system statistics that are accessible via a regular text file. GekkoFS can also connect and push the statistics to the Prometheus monitoring system directly. Finally, GekkoFS now offers the gkfs script to more easily deploy GekkoFS daemons on multiple nodes in a supercomputing environment. More details below:


  • Added a new script for starting and stopping daemons on multiple nodes (!135).
  • Added statistics gathering on daemons (!132).
    • Stats output can be enabled with:
    • --enable-collection collects normal statistics.
    • --enable-chunkstats collects extended chunk statistics.
  • Statistics output to file is controlled by --output-stats <filename>
  • Added Prometheus support for outputting statistics (!132):
    • Prometheus dependency optional and enabled at compile time with the CMake argument GKFS_ENABLE_PROMETHEUS.
    • --enable-prometheus enables statistics pushing to Prometheus if statistics are enabled.
    • --prometheus-gateway sets an IP and port for the Prometheus connection.
  • Added new experimental metadata backend: Parallax (!110).
    • Added support to use multiple metadata backends.
    • Added --clean-rootdir-finish argument to remove rootdir/metadir at the end when the daemon finishes.


  • -c argument has been moved to --clean-rootdir-finish and is now used to clean rootdir/metadir on daemon shutdown (!110).
  • Environment variable to change Daemon log levels was changed from GKFS_LOG_LEVEL to GKFS_DAEMON_LOG_LEVEL (!135).
  • Update Catch2 to support newer glibc library (!131).
  • Adding support for faccessat2() and getxattr() system calls (!130).


  • Removed old initialization code in the GekkoFS client (!136).
  • Removed boost interval dependencies from guided distributor (!122).


  • Documentation: Doxygen now includes private struct and class members (!125).
  • Guided distributor tests are no longer run when they are turned off (!129).