Bump version: v0.7.0

[0.7.0] - 2020-02-05


  • Adedd support for eventfd()and eventfd2() system calls.


  • Replaced Margo with Mercury in the client library in order to increase application compatibility: the Argobots ULTs used by Margo to send and process RPCs clashed at times with applications using pthreads.
  • Renamed environment variables to better distinguish which variables affect the client library (LIBGKFS_*) and which affect the daemon (GKFS_DAEMON_*).
  • Replaced spdlog in the client with a bespoke logging infrastructure: spdlog's internal threads and exception management often had issues with the system call interception infrastructure. The current logging infrastructure is designed around the syscall interception mechanism, and is therefore more stable.
  • Due to the new logging infrastructure, there have been significant changes to the environment variables controlling logging output. The desired log module is now set with LIBGKFS_LOG, while the desired output channel is controlled with LIBGKFS_LOG_OUTPUT. Additional options such as LIBGKFS_LOG_OUTPUT_TRUNC, LOG_SYSCALL_FILTER and LOG_DEBUG_VERBOSITY can be used to further control messages. Run the client with LIBGKFS_LOG=help for more details.
  • Improved dependency management in CMake.


  • Relocate internal file descriptors to a private range to avoid interfering with client application file descriptors.
  • Handle internal file descriptors created by fcntl().
  • Handle internal file descriptors passed to processes using CMSG_DATA in recvmsg().